Site Development

ELM Site Solutions provides services for small and large scale developments in residential, commercial and industrial settings.  Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide a broad range of services from beginning to end of redevelopment projects.

·          Site Planning & Due Diligence

·          Site Feasibility Studies

·          Permitting

·          Environmental Impact Statements

·          Wetlands Delineation & Mapping

·          Stormwater Planning & Design


Stormwater Management and Design

Stormwater management is an integral part of all site development.  We place high professional demands on its employees to participate in relevant associations to keep up with the most recent water resource regulations and to continue their academic/professional training to provide innovative solutions in this rapidly changing field.

·          Floodway/Floodplain Analysis

·          Management Studies

·          Conveyance System Design

·          Detention System Design

·          System Rehabilitation

·          Permitting

Municipal Engineering

ELM Site Solutions is prepared to provide municipalities with a full range of engineering services.  Our engineers are experienced in several disciplines which allow us to provide unique perspectives in planning or seeking funding for a variety of projects.

·          Planning & Zoning Board Representation

·          Wastewater Management Plans

·          Stormwater System Design & Rehabilitation

·          Ordinance & Master Plan Amendments


Parks & Recreation

ELM Site Solutions can work with counties, municipalities, school boards and private developers to implement various active and passive “Green Space” projects.  We are familiar with funding sources for revitalization projects.

·          Planning & Design

·          Ballfield Layout

·          Biking, Hiking & Horse Trails Design

·          Recreation & Open Space Plans


Project Management

ELM Site Solutions provides clients with a project management team that assists in controlling costs through technical knowledge, regulatory policy expertise, engineering and administrative skills to ensure that the project is implemented as intended.

·          Construction Cost Estimating

·          Construction Inspection & Testing

·          Project Specifications & Contracts


Solid Waste Management & Design

ELM Site Solutions has extensive experience in providing environmental management at recycling facilities, transfer stations and landfills. Our staff includes experts in permitting, licensing, acquisitions & registration, recycling, waste minimization, and redevelopment.

·          Solid Waste Facility Permitting & Licensing

·          Landfill Design & Closure

·          Environmental Compliance & Permitting

·          Air Permitting & Control Systems Design

·          Waste Minimization Auditing

·          Beneficial Reuse


ELM Site Solutions is prepared to provide planning solutions to municipalities, counties and private-sector clients.  Our focus is to integrate development with sound environmental conservation principles while maximizing project benefits and minimizing development costs.

·          Land Use Studies & Planning

·          Zoning, Rezoning & Variance Applications

·          Site Planning & Development

·          GIS

·          Redevelopment Agreements and Cost Reimbursement