Air Quality

ELM Site Solutions provides permitting and compliance services for industrial clients.  Our firm is qualified to provide the broad range of services required under the Clean Air Act, State Programs and Local Permitting Requirements.

·          Title V Permitting and Compliance

·          PSD Permitting and Modeling

·          Ambient Source Measurements

·          Carbon Credit Inventories

·          MACT - NSR

·          Risk Management Plans

·          Sustainability Analysis/GHG Emissions


Environmental Management and Compliance

Environmental Management covers an extremely broad area for Environmental Compliance requirements.  ELM Site Solutions has the expertise to support companies with implementing efficient and cost effective solutions in the program areas noted below.

·          Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Studies

·          Compliance Audits

·          Environmental Management Systems

·          Health and Safety Programs/Audits

·          Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans

·          Sustainability

Site Development

ELM Site Solutions provides comprehensive services for small and large scale developments in residential, commercial and industrial settings.  Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide a broad range of services from beginning to end of redevelopment projects.

·          Phase I and II Due Diligence Assessments

·          Transactional Support and Negotiating Strategy

·          Liability Assessments

·          Permitting

·          Environmental Impact Statements

·          Wetlands Delineation, Mapping and Permitting


Solid Waste Management & Design

ELM Site Solutions has extensive experience in providing environmental management at recycling facilities, transfer stations and landfills. Our staff includes experts in permitting, licensing, acquisitions & registration, recycling, waste minimization, and redevelopment.

·          Solid Waste Facility Permitting & Licensing

·          Landfill Design & Closure

·          Environmental Compliance & Permitting

·          Air Permitting & Control Systems Design

·          Waste Minimization Auditing

·          Beneficial Reuse


Stormwater Management & Design

Stormwater Management is an integral part of all site development and environmental management projects.  We participate in relevant associations to keep up with the most recent water resource regulations to provide innovative solutions in this rapidly changing field.

·          Floodway/Floodplain Analysis

·          Management Studies

·          Conveyance System Design

·          Detention System Design

·          System Rehabilitation

·          Permitting


Water Quality

ELM Site Solutions provides comprehensive services to assist with protecting our water resources and supplies while maintaining ecological habitats.

·          NPDES Permitting

·          Watershed Management

·          Water Supply Planning

·          Water Quality Modeling